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There is no problem that a group of dedicated, intelligent, creative people cannot solve. I believe in working collaboratively to find the best solutions to any design problem. For over 18 years in the film industry working as an art director and 3D digital set designer, this collaborative approach is what I try to put into practice every day. The results speak for themselves in projects like Power Rangers, Star Trek Beyond, Tomorrowland, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, 2012, Tron Legacy, Watchmen, Night at the Museum, X-Men 2 and X-Men 3 to name a few among over 40 feature films and TV productions that I have worked on with some of the most talented production designers in the film industry.

In architecture, I was project architect on many residential and commercial buildings in award-winning firms in Vancouver, Seattle, Hong Kong and London, U.K.

My goal is to work with my clients to find the best and most cost-effective process to create the best possible product - whether that product is a beautiful film set, concept design or a new building. I am based in Vancouver, Canada, but I can travel to anywhere to work on your project!

Concept Illustrator

Concept design of buildings, environments, props, furniture and characters using digital painting, handsketching and/or 3D computer rendering.

3D Digital Set Designer

Design and build accurate, buildable, CNC ready 3D models that not only look good, but can be used throughout a production workflow from concept illustrations to construction drawings to CNC fabrication to VFX post-production.  This saves time and keeps the integrity of a design from concept to the screen.

Art Director

Equipped with “Spidey-sense” to spot problems BEFORE they happen and find creative, effective solutions quickly.  Well-rounded experience and knowledge in 3D and 2D set design, traditional and CNC driven set construction, graphics and project management of big budget feature films.  Specialize in vehicle, aircraft and spacecraft design and fabrication.


Feature Films

Noelle | Art Director | 2017/18> Walt Disney Pictures> $80M

The Predator | Art Director | 2016/17> 20th Century Fox> $120M

Death Note | Assistant Art Director | 2016> Netflix> $60M

Power Rangers | Art Director | 2015/16> Lionsgate> $120M

Star Trek Beyond | Art Director | 2014/15> Paramount> $200M

Monster Trucks | Art Director | 2013/14> Paramount> $120M

Tomorrowland | Assistant Art Director | 2013> Walt Disney Pictures> $200M

Godzilla |  Assistant Art Director | 2012/13> Legendary Pictures> $120M

Seventh Son | Art Director (2nd Unit) | Assistant Art Director (Main Unit) | 2012> Legendary Pictures> $120M

Pacific Rim | Art Director | 2011> Warner Bros.> $200M

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol | Assistant Art Director | 2010/11> Paramount> $100M

Rise of the Planet of the Apes | Art Director (Action Unit) | Assistant Art Director (Main Unit) | 2010> 20th Century Fox> $100M

A-Team | VFX Art Director | 2009> 20th Century Fox> $100M

Tron Legacy | Assistant Art Director | 2009> Walt Disney Pictures> $200M

2012 |  Assistant Art Director | 2008> Sony Pictures> $200M

The Day the Earth Stood Still | Art Director (2nd Unit) / Assistant Art Director (Main Unit) | 2007/08> 20th Century Fox> $75M

Watchmen | Set Designer | 2007> Warner Bros.> $125M

Troubleman | Assistant Art Director | 2007> 20th Century Fox> $75M

Aliens in the Attic | Assistant Art Director | 2007> 20th Century Fox> $45M

Aliens vs Predator 2 Requiem | Assistant Art Director | 2006> 20th Century Fox> $45M

Night at the Museum | Assistant Art Director | 2005/06> 20th Century Fox> $120M

X-Men 3 The Last Stand | Assistant Art Director | 2005> 20th Century Fox> $250M

Catch & Release | Set Designer / Illustrator | 2005> Columbia Tristar/Sony> $35M 

Firewall | Assistant Art Director / Art Director (partial) | 2004/05> Warner Bros.> $50M

Man About Town | Set Designer / Illustrator | 2004> Media 8 Entertainment> $35M

The Talisman | Assistant Art Director | 2004> Dreamworks> $100M 

The Chronicles of Riddick | Set Designer / Illustrator | 2003> Universal> $150M

Bulletproof Monk | Illustrator | 2002> MGM> $75M

X-Men 2 | Set Designer | 2002> 20th Century Fox> $150M

The Core | Set Designer | 2001/02> Paramount> $100M

Insomnia | Set Designer | 2001> Warner Bros.> $65M

13 Ghosts | Set Designer | 2000> Warner Bros.> $30M

TV Series

Falling Skies | Set Designer | 2012> Dreamworks Television

Bionic Woman | Art Director (2nd Unit) / Set Designer | 2007> NBC Universal

Eureka! | Art Director | 2006> NBC Universal

Lost in Space | Set Designer / Illustrator | 2004> 20th Century Fox TV

Stargate Atlantis | Assistant Art Director | 2003> MGM TV

Peacemakes | Set Designer | 2002> USA Network

UC: Undercover | Set Designer | 2001> 20th Century Fox TV


Short Films

The Bar | Production Designer | 2007> Dilemma Productions


Baldes Residence, West Vancouver | Home Renovation

Bauhinia Gardens, Vancouver | Graphic Design

Wong Residence, Vancouver | New Single Family House

Rotary Manor Multilevel Care Facility, Dawson Creek | Building Envelope Design

Creo Products Inc., Burnaby | Office Tenant Improvements and New Building | Johnston Davidson Architecture + Planning

Douglas & McIntyre Ltd., Vancouver | Publisher Interior Design | Johnston Davidson Architecture + Planning

Glenview Veterans Housing, New Westminster | New Condominium | Roger Hughes Architects

Arbutus Walk, Vancouver | Roger Hughes Architects

Blackfeet Bingo Centre, Montana | New Recreational Building | William Polk Associates

Auburn School Support Building, WA | New Industrial Building | William Polk Associates

Umatilla Community Centre, Oregon | New Recreational Building | William Polk Associates

Guangzhou Mansion, China | New Office Building | Simon Kwan & Associates

Recreation Centre, Hong Kong | New Recreation Building | Simon Kwan & Associates

Craigengower Cricket Club, Hong Kong | Recreation Building Reno. | M. Moser & Associates

House on The Peak, Hong Kong | Home Reno. | M. Moser & Associates

Majestic Court Apartments, Hong Kong | Condo. Reno. | Kenneth Ko Designs

Squamish Indian Nation Recreation Centre, West Vancouver | New Construction | B. Gordon Hlynsky Architects

Silwood Offices, England | New Office Design | C.A. Cornish Architects

Trafalgar Place, Brighton | New Office Design | Frederick Gibberd Coombes & Partners

Park Royal & Lansdowne Shopping Centres | Graphics | Blewett Dodd Ching Lee


Art Directors Guild | Nominated | Tomorrowland | 2015


Happy Clients

This does not include my mom.


Hours working on a computer

This includes both sitting and standing.


2D and 3D drawing software used in a week

This includes Rhinoceros, Modo, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Bridge, Vectorworks, T-Splines, Poser Pro, Autocad


3D models created

I could not begin to count how many polygons this would add up to!


Years working in film industry

This does not include vacation time.


Crises averted on a film production

Please see above regarding creative, quick thinking and spidey-sense.